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Who We Are

Susan Curtis

Susan founded Sage Kitchens in 2006, which she now co-owns with Eleanor under the new name of Sage Kitchens Design. Susan and Eleanor founded Sage Tiny Homes in 2024 in order to offer custom cabinetry and design services to fellow tiny home owners in need of beauty and functionality in their tinies.

Susan is skillful in her craft; designing kitchens, baths, and all cabinetry area plans to fit her customer's needs that complement their taste and lifestyle. Susan is compassionate and considerate. She listens to clients to truly understand their requirements and project dreams. Her plans provide simple and elegant solutions to allow easy use of both kitchens and full home cabinetry.

In Susan’s words, “Each project fills me with excitement and I look forward to each day creating with Eleanor, working side by side, and learning something new everyday. I love trees and being in nature where I feel as one with everything in existence. I have two children who bring me so much joy and love along with three cats and a dog.”

Susan's own tiny home will be completed in June of 2024.

Eleanor Austin

As a co-owner of Sage Kitchens Design and Sage Tiny Homes she is our operations manager, and co-designer. She holds a BA from the Harvard Extension School. With over 17 years of project management and operations experience, she successfully maintains all of our daily operations. Eleanor is passionate and dedicated to achieving accuracy and efficiency in her implementation of our systems. She constructed our project management system to keep all parties involved up to date on the progress towards completion with careful consideration of each task being performed. Eleanor is full of joy and greets each day with intentionality and appreciation.

In Eleanor's words, "I love the opportunity we have at Sage Tiny Homes to make tiny living an option for more people of all different backgrounds. For many years I thought bigger was better: more space for guests and to entertain, for storing equipment, etc., but I soon realized I was often trapped in my home while life seemed to happen outside. It was only after a car accident that I evaluated my living situation and realized the benefits of having less to maintain and keep up. I found that many of the things I owned did not serve me in the ways I thought they did. I will still have a gourmet kitchen with a full sized fridge, dishwasher, gas range and steam oven, space to entertain loved ones and even have storage for my hunting equipment in my tiny home. The custom nature of tiny homes and the scale has allowed me to upgrade instead of downgrade my lifestyle, all while living within my means. It feels like a huge gift to be a part of this movement."

Eleanor and Susan in the Snow

About Sage Tiny Homes

Sage Tiny Homes provides fully customized cabinetry and design services to make your tiny home dream come true! With over 27 years of custom cabinetry and design experience, we specialize in outfitting new and existing tiny homes. We work with you to develop space saving, functional and aesthetically-pleasing designs that capture your unique needs and personality, and that fit within your investment expectations. You can choose from an almost-unlimited range of styles and finishes, as well as numerous appealing hardware options. We design the solutions that will set your tiny apart from the rest.

Working on tiny homes is where we thrive doing what we love – designing on a smaller but more impactful scale. We help with your custom cabinet needs and so much more to create your ultimate living space - your sanctuary. It’s like a genie bottle with only the essentials, allowing space for your dreams to come true. We design for a no clutter, streamlined environment with only the things you love and require, and nothing else to distract from living your best life.

Whatever your reason for looking into the tiny lifestyle, we assist by elevating your tiny living experience and providing comforts so your move into a smaller footprint is easeful and rewarding. We source the best possible quality materials and functional items suited to your needs. You don’t need to compromise your lifestyle by resizing – in fact, you can incorporate many luxuries in tiny living and upgrade your lifestyle in ways you never thought possible.

Our common goal is our commitment to exceed our clients' expectations by effectively creating solutions and executing custom designs. All of our projects are as unique as the people we work with. Together, we create a harmonious atmosphere where we are able to bring new ideas to fruition for our clients.

We welcome you to share your ideas, needs, and wants with us so we can design your desired project. What we can create for tiny living will amaze you! We look forward to working with you.

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